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School Board
Jay Walker Thursday June 22, 2017

The Warren County School Board will meet Thursday evening in regular session at the Central Office.
The board will receive the Director of Schools' operations report and will get reports from committees.
The board meeting will begin immediately following the committee meeting, which begins at 5pm.


Committee Meetings
Jay Walker Thursday June 22, 2017

Two committees of the Warren County Commission have scheduled meetings for Thursday.
The Budget and Finance Committee will meet at 4pm to discuss budgets.
The Economic and Agricultural Development Committee will meet at 5:30 to discuss budgets and the fairgrounds lease.
Both meetings will be held at the Administrative Building.


Expunction Fee Reduced in Tennessee
WKRN Wednesday June 21, 2017

Potentially thousands of Tennesseans who paid their debt for low-level crimes are getting help with expunging their records.
A measure passed this session that reduces the felony expunction fee from $350 to $180.
The reduced expunction fee is not for just any past felon. The crime has to be non-violent, such as shoplifting or a drug arrest.
Those eligible for the lower expunction fee need to have made restitution and served time for a crime at least five years in the past.
Before the bill passed, Tennessee had the third highest fee in the country for expunging records. With that fee cut in half, potentially thousands of Tennesseans will get a little break after paying their debt to society.


Driver Saved from Burning Vehicle
Jay Walker Wednesday June 21, 2017

A rear-end collision on Lucky Road Monday evening caused an SUV to burst into flames, endangering the driver. Sheriff Jackie Matheny said Debra Foster was the driver of the SUV that was rear ended by a Chevy Tahoe, driven by Juan Torrez Soto. The collision happened when Foster slowed to make a left turn.
As smoke began to envelope the SUV, Soto and nearby residents pulled Foster from the burning vehicle.
Foster was injured in the crash and was reportedly airlifted.


Fake ID Scammers Face Harsher Punishment
WATE Wednesday June 21, 2017

Scammers who use fake caller ID now face harsher punishment thanks to a new Tennessee law.
The new legislation hopes to crack down on a practice known as "caller ID spoofing" which is now classified as a class a misdemeanor. It involves to sending inaccurate or misleading caller ID information with the intent to defraud, harm or steal. That could mean up to a $10,000 penalty per violation.
Commerce and Insurance Commissioner Julie Mix McPeak said These new protections give law enforcement more ways to punish perpetrators and, hopefully, prevent scammers from hurting our senior population.
Even though scammers will face harsher punishments, the TDCI said it's important to be watchful of the warning signs of a scam.
* Don't answer the phone if your number shows up on your phone's Caller ID.
* Don't attempt to call the number back, and do not press any buttons if prompted.
* If you do answer the call, don't give out your personal or financial information. Never give your personal information over the phone to someone you don't know.
* If you believe you're the victim of an ID Spoofing scam, call TDCI's Division of Consumer Affairs at (615) 741-4737 or file a complaint online.
* If you lost money on a scam as a result of ID Spoofing, immediately report the theft to your local police or sheriff's department.


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